OPPO A15s – Newest Technology in Mobile Industry


The most advanced smartphone in India today – OPPO Avanti makes you stand out from the crowd! With an image-conscious interface that merges navigation, sharing and social networking capabilities, OPPO Avanti helps you be a fashion icon on the go. The smartphone’s front-facing camera allows users to capture photos and videos, whereas the multi-touch screen allows you to browse through contacts, videos and images. Through OPPO’s Self-made Front AI Beautification, OPPO has taken personalization to a new level. OPPO A15s

With an innovative OPPO Avanti application, OPPO delivers its customized skin care system to make you look even better! With a stunning and futuristic design that includes two interchangeable lens kits, a dynamic black and silver dual LED flash, built-in Noise canceling microphone and a high-definition camera setup with OPPO HD+ camera app, no wonder this OPPO Avanti model is being preferred by the celebrities! With a sleek design and a high-definition camera setup, this OPPO Avanti smartphone can transform your looks at any time!

With a high-speed octa-core processor and two gigabyte RAM, OPPOA 15s can perform tasks without any delay. Users can use their smartphone like a digital pen, as it has an extension called iProjector. With an effortless connectivity option and four GB of RAM, OPPO is assured of delivering a flawless user experience. The user-friendly interface along with a large color screen, excellent sound quality, speedy performance and a powerful media player makes the OPPO Avanti one of the most impressive phones in the market today.

With amazing features such as amazing camera and picture quality along with multi-tasking utility, OPPO a15s is sure to bring great joy to all users. The multi-functional Android operating system runs on the ARM architecture and has been equipped with cutting edge specifications, which enables it to run the most advanced applications and games. This amazing phone from OPPO has a powerful chipset, which further enhanced with the silicon audio and video amplifier. With an astounding quad-core processor, OPPO a15s can perform faster than the speed of light. It has a high-speed camera with an LED flashlight and a high-definition camera phone, which makes it stand out among the crowd.

With amazing features such as connectivity options with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB technologies, OPPO a15s gives you an access to various applications that help you make work more convenient and fun. The efficient AMF dual core 1.4GHz processor gives it enough power to run high performing apps with ease. The OPPO Rainbow Silver Camera has a built-in image editing tool, which helps you edit your pictures and videos with ease. It has a high resolution camera with optical zoom and image stabilization, along with a high-speed, dual band GSM modem. In addition to the camera, the OPPO a15s also has a full QWERTY keyboard with virtual keyboard, providing you an excellent browsing experience while on the go.

With the revolutionary new technology of OPPO, the a15s has introduced a new feature that provides users with a powerful octa-core processor, along with the facility to customize their devices with any of thousands of themes. With this amazing new facility, users are given the freedom to design their phones as they wish. There are a wide variety of themes to choose from such as colors, images, fonts, icons, avatars and so forth. To make your OPPO a better user experience, the company also offers a free online service. The OPPO website offers users tutorials on how to use their innovative devices, which include its face unlock function. This face unlock facility is one of the major reasons for the popularity of OPPO a15s devices.

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